Welcome to Rise of the Lich

Rise of the Lich is a 12th level + game of Pathfinder set in the homebrew Genoma Setting.

1) 12th level to start
2) 108,000 gp no more than half on any one item
3) Your character has been in the underdark his entire life, mythology is that the surface has been frozen for the last 1000 years since Frostbanes War.
4) You are on your way / just arrived at the city of Sentinel a point of light in a world of darkness.
5) 25% roleplaying 15% world building 60% COMBAT WAAAAAGGGHHHH!
http://strachost.com/rpg/doku.php?id=genoma is where I will post work data, we will be playing at the end of the 3rd age.
Post your ideas below, I would like to use the next session for planning / character building and start the game the session after that.

Genoma - 4th Age - Rise of the Lich