The dwarven Citadel of Sentinel.

  • Until 13855 Controlled by the Dwarven Emperium as an outpost in the depths to warn of incursions by the followers of the Lurker in the Deep.
  • From 13856 – 14707 the Sentinel is an semi-open city run in a nominal fashion by the Council of 12, however the city is secretly under the control of a consortium of Drow and Illithid who use psychic manipulation to keep the city under control.

Sentinel was founded during the second age by the Dwarven Emperium. Located in a roughly circular natural cavern roughly 3 miles on a side.

The northern wall of the cavern allows the Prater River to flow into the cavern. After decades of mining and shaping the dwarves created a crater lake bowl with an island in the center allowing the Prater to pool into a large lake that empties via a 300’ waterfall in the southern wall. Carved into the south wall are a series of lock/levies and great ramps to facilitate commercial travel.

The east wall was opened up and carved into a terraced city that houses roughly 40,000 souls comfortably calling the Sentinel home and another 10,000 temporary/transient souls. Out the north east wall the great road connects into the major through roads of the underdark making Sentinel a natural choke point of both the road and river networks.

Notable Features

Dwarven Citadel tower on the center island in the shape of a 200’ tall dwarven warrior. Inside are the halls of the Knighthood of []
The eastern wall is carved with warrens of tunnels and homes built into the rock face with rope bridges and carved rock ledges up ~ 150’ on the wall.

Power Brokers

Council of 12

4 Noble Houses:

Vargas Desulth Human Male
Antares Melk Human Male
Blissia Capad Gnome Female
Devon Stonebreaker Dwarf Male
The 5 Guild Seats:

Schmendrik Dwarf Male Diggers Union
Xandril Tiefling Female Merchants Guild
Alagard Human Male Craftsmen Guild
Etmere Halfling Male Porters Guild
Josc Kalvin Human Male Lockmens Union
The Peoples Seats:

Kael Jabar Human Male Representing the Docks, Ledges and Warrens
Naroc Oathkeeper Dwarf Male Representing the Citadel
Mother Pren Halfling Female Representing the Halfling Flotilla


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